This is a fully standalone webpage that was dynamically generated. You can right-click anywhere and select "Save as..." or "Save Page As..." to download it. To showcase your webpage to anyone else online, you'll need to find a hosting provider.

The source code of this webpage can be changed with a plain text editor.


This webpage was designed to be mixed and matched with compatible configurations, kind of like ordering a burrito.


The general skeleton of the webpage. Most pages on any given site should share the same boilerplate for consistency.
The underlying design principles for the webpage. The details are subtle, but provide a certain natural polish to all content.
All of the available colors to use for the page's design.
The general structure and design of a webpage. This also is responsible to mediate the design between the palette and the skin.
The opinionated preference for each design element. The same palette can be used to generate a variety of skins.
Example content or feature that is unique to a given webpage. This could be anything from a wall of text to a fully functional photo gallery.


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